Learn About Label Printing In Barrie, ON

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The marketability of your products is significantly influenced by the material you choose for their labels. To learn more about label printing in Barrie, ON, continue reading.

It is common to forget to choose a material for your brand when designing new labels because there are so many things to think about.

Even though picking a material for your product labels might not seem like a big deal, different surfaces, and features can make a big difference in the packaging you get. In this article, we will talk about the various materials used for product labels and the special qualities they each have.


The most common material for labeling products is paper. Paper products are typically utilized by pharmaceutical, food, and beverage companies for the branding of their brands due to their ease of customization. For instance, businesses have the option of using gloss or matte finishes for their packaging. Biodegradable, semi-gloss, linen, and laid finishes and colors are also available in the paper collection.

Paper is not only easy to modify, but it is also highly compatible with printing. Many brands can easily and quickly make these labels using one of the many printers available.

BOPP or Polypropylene

Polypropylene labels are made from plastic, but they have all the good qualities of paper-based products. These synthetic materials are ideal for use on curved items like cans and bottles.

Additionally, the material is extremely responsive to printer ink, resulting in vivid and vibrant images. Furthermore, polypropylene is water and scratch-resistant, providing your stock with a superior feeling of value. These labels come in finishes and colors similar to those of paper, as well as transparent, silver, holographic, and satin.


Food, beverages, and medicines frequently use this material. These label materials are all “Pressure Sensitive,” which means that they have a tough binding agent on the back to keep the material stuck to the products.


As their name suggests, removable adhesives are quite workable. These labels are simple to apply and remove without causing damage to the sticker or the product. You have possibly found these labels on things with caps or fruits. When it comes to food and drink, they are favored since they do not leave a gluey mess.