Digital door lock- adding a touch of technology towards your safer house

digital door lock

This is the technological period. Technology affects every business and facet of the normal person’s life, and if recent events are any indication, technology has now reached the means a person uses to go in and out of and protect their house – locks. Until recently, the only locks that the average person was aware of the geometric forms in their doors that they had to insert a key into in order to get access to their home. Technology, on the other hand, has modified locks dramatically. Because of the excellent security, convenience, and safety provided by contemporary digital lock technology, digital door lock have grown in popularity in Singapore.

It is a convenient way to safeguard your house at all hours of the day and night without having to carry a lot of keys. So, is this shift for the better or for the worse? Are electronic door locks truly secure? Forced entry is a significant concern with keyed locks, but it is also conceivable if a person has an electronic door lock put in their home door. Electronic door locks are reliable, but only to the equivalent degree as conventional keyed locks, if not to a lesser amount. However, by merely strengthening their door with heavy-duty metal impact plates, a person may significantly reduce the chance of forced entry.

While digital door locks give improved protection and a sleek design, they can also be easily remote-operated and enable effective footfall tracking, which is one of the reasons you should switch to them!