Pre-event covid swabbing: Which Test Is Best For You?

art testing for events.

pre event covid swabbing is COVID-19 testing that a registrant or consumer must take before entering a location where certain events, companies, or actions are taking place. Prior to getting authorized to access the location or engage in the engagement, business, or event, this registrant or consumer must possess a certified negative COVID-19 screening test under a certain time frame.

What is the purpose of PET?

PET aids to lower the danger of those afflicted with COVID-19 spreading disease to other folks at the gathering, reducing the possibility of an epidemic at gatherings, companies, or events. This permits more of these activities, particularly those with huge crowds or clients, to restart securely.

For PET reasons, which COVID-19 check can I hold?

  • COVID-19 testing is divided into two categories: antigen rapid testing (ART) & polymerase chain (PCR) testing. You should get an ART via one of the MOH-accredit COVID-19 check providers mentioned below.
  • Because of ART’s faster response rate, you may be more certain that your trip to the occasion, company, or activity sites will be protected by the test’s leftover validity time once you receive the results. To be clear, the period from swab enrollment to the communication of outcomes for ART testing is normally approximately 30 minutes, whereas PCR tests can take up to 2 days.
  • For access to events, companies, or engagements, solely ART checks performed or overseen by MOH-accredit COVID-19 screening facilitators will be accepted. This rule applies to all self-governed ART tests, whether or not they were monitored.
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