JBL Outdoor Speakers – JBL Control Now BookShelf Outdoor Speakers Review

JBL Control Now Bookshelf Outdoor Speaker is a significant wonderful amazement. I didn’t anticipate that these speakers should convey a solid presentation, particularly considering the little size which appeared somewhere close to an iPod speaker and an undeniable outside speaker (with the force and solid bass for sure). The plan appeared to be gimmicky and I was not exactly persuaded with JBL’s ideas for its utilization. Be that as it may, in the wake of connecting it, I should say, every one of my questions were blown away.

To begin with, let us take a gander at the specs (to satisfy the genuine audiophiles). The speaker convey 50W persistent, 300W of most extreme force with a recurrence reaction range between 80Hz to 30 kHz. The speakers use 4″ low recurrence, attractively safeguarded polypropylene drivers, while the high recurrence is taken care of by 3/4″ (19mm) titanium-overlay tweeters.

I don’t anticipate that you should comprehend an expression of the above passage (if honestly, even I don’t comprehend numerous angles). For the layman, the solitary significant thing is the manner by which these specs convert into genuine execution.


From the start, the speakers appear to be strangely planned Essential rack gear for home studio. The generally semi-circular shape seems abnormal and clumsy from the outset. In any case, when you understand that singular speaker units can be stacked on top of one another or joined evenly, you come to comprehend the absolute brightness of this plan.

The JBL Control Now speakers are sold in singular units. Every unit is an independent speaker framework. Singular units can be organized together to make heap shapes to find a way into for all intents and purposes any space in your home. Join three speaker units together around a corner, stack two on top of one another for an amazing, reduced arrangement, or flip around a unit to introduce it on the roof.