Restaurnt Delivery in the San Jose / Santa Clara Area

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I have recently had the best possible experience with a restaurant delivery service called It was one of those nights when I was working late at home and didn’t want to stop working to cook or go out. A friend had recommended in the past, so I thought I’d give it a try.

When I went on line, I was surprised to find that they that they not only serve my local San Jose / Santa Clara area, they serve areas surrounding Walnut Creek, Fresno, Sacramento, Santa Rosa, Stockton, Vacaville, Modesto, and San Diego. (They even have some delivery areas in Arizona and Washington, too.) I put in my ZIP code, and then I was able to choose from a rather large list of restaurants. Their slogan is “Not Just Pizza Delivery Anymore,” and boy is that true. The selection was great: Chinese, Italian, Greek, Mexican, Sushi, Persian, American, Filipino, and Indian.

Figuring out what I wanted was the hardest part of the whole order. Once I had settled on a steak -and dessert, too! – from Chili’s, it only took a few clicks to put in my order. The only extra charges were $5.99 for the service and 15% gratuity for the delivery driver. I also discovered that I was out of soda, and was thrilled to find that they would bring me a 6-pack of soda for just $5.99. I paid with a credit card and was instructed to show that card along with a picture ID when the driver arrived, which was estimated to be about an hour.

I must admit to being somewhat apprehensive about the quality of food if it was going to take an hour to get to me. Was it going to be cold? When the driver arrived with my order (on time!) she was dressed professionally in black pants and a polo shirt with the FoodToYou logo carrying a nice insulated food bag. She asked to see my credit card and picture ID (which I appreciate in these days of identity theft), and handed over my order. business logistics

The big surprise for me was that she had separated the cold items (soda and dessert) from the warm food, and everything was a perfect temperature. The ice cream on the dessert had melted a bit, but I think that should be expected. The food was perfect!

I highly recommend for your restaurant delivery needs. I will definitely use them for food deliveries at work, home, or when I’m on the road! The prices were extremely reasonable, ordering was a cinch, the delivery was on time, and the food was the right temperature.

I had the opportunity to do a few deliveries for this business and to have food delivered to me, so I have seen both sides of the delivery process and was quite impressed.