The Overhead of Corporate Wellness Programs

Corporate Wellness Programs are among the fastest growing and most rewarding areas of the wellness and health industry and they offer unlimited chances for practitioners and businesses.

What are Corporate Wellness Programs?

So as to increase Morale and find options that are more affordable to employee healthcare costs, many organizations are currently instigating Corporate Wellness Programs for their own teams. Popular offerings concentrate on everything live massages, mindfulness training and yoga in addition to fitness courses. For wellness Professionals from personal trainers to Pilates and yoga teachers, providing businesses with wellness packages provides access, freedom from expenditures, and both scheduling flexibility.

Why Are CWPs in high demand?

  • Exercise classes and gym membership ranked No. 2 and 3, respectively, behind complete medical checkups, with regard to subsidized benefits that employees want to get.
  • The success of early corporate health programs especially the positive effect on the bottom line has spurred many companies to embrace health-based programs for their employees. According to the Society for Human Resource Management, 77 percent of companies offer some kind of health and health program and 31 percent of America corporations respecting their workers’ health club memberships.
  • After launch a employee recognition programs employers reported a 56 percent increase in employee morale.
  • 82 percent of Americans said they would exercise if their employer subsidized gym memberships.

It seems that today Employees’ wishes are coming true-yet it is not altruism that is pure. With healthcare costs, many companies are realizing they stand to payout much less should they invest in worker fitness and stress reduction through health programs that are preventative instead of mitigate HMO prices.

How to gain in the Corporate Wellness schedule:

Step one is to Create a set of turnkey packages that are designed to relay good, and then to suit many different cultures and business sizes, old fashioned grassroots said companies to distribute your service details. As soon as you have put your package together, how can you convince companies of its necessity however the question remains? Incorporate these great facts and they will not be able to say no:

  • The obesity epidemic and unhealthy lifestyles of workers have led to lower employee productivity, higher reimbursement claims and greater heath insurance costs – seriously hurting U.S. companies’ bottom line Merriman Curran Ford Fitness and Wellness Report, 2008.
  • Obese employees cost private companies approximately $45 billion annually because of medical expenses and excessive absenteeism Weights and Measures: What Employers Must Know About Obesity, by Barbara Rosen and Linda Barrington, The Conference Board, 2008.