What is the impact of social media on children?

Social Media, the name says it all. It includes all online platforms where people of different age groups meet, chat, and connect with their friends. Even the children are not untouched by its presence. An estimated 32% of children in the USA age group 7 to 9 years use social media. They may use it for fun, lower academic stress under peer pressure, or increase their excitement. Whatever the reason is, if parents allow their young children to access these platforms, they should own a responsibility to make the online environment as safe as possible. If they can’t take active responsibility, they should not allow children to use these apps because of the harmful effects.


What are some serious issues with social media?

  • The children might become obsessed with social media. They will start believing that the world revolves around their social media images or how they appear to others. Their profile will dictate their mood. The more likes or followers they garner, the happier they become and sad if they cannot hunt the followers or capture the people’s attention with their posts.
  • The child wants to become center of attraction wherever they are going.
  • They may use social media as an escape from real-world situations. If he is stressed or depressed, he may turn to social media to post comments and forget problems. In addition, they will isolate themselves from family or friends.
  • Overusing social media sites leads to poor mental health and social skills and is linked to a high rate of depression, low level of empathy, and compassion towards others.
  • Such children might develop temper issues and become self-centered and rude.


What are the signs of social media addiction?

Suppose your child checks the website as often as possible, withdraw from other children, share too much information or feel irritable and tired. In that case, the chances are that he is suffering from social media addiction.


How to prevent it?

It will be possible only if you, as a parent, are not consuming too much time on social media. Since it’s not possible for us as a parent to keep them away from social media, we can monitor their online activities using the cellphone trackerapp. The app helps the parents keep a tab on the kids without prying on them. It is an app that helps you overview your children’s complete smartphone or laptop usage across the world. With it, you can overview their current location, track their texts, social media account, chat applications, etc. The biggest reason to install the app is the children will not know you are monitoring them. Their Whatsapp online tracker premium/mod apk feature can help you access all the call logs with timestamps, view incoming and outgoing messages, and download all the deleted, sent, or received messages.

The app also prevents your child from falling victim to cyberbullying, inappropriate content, and other predators who are keen to steal your child’s information.

Bottom line

The parental control app like Kidstracker is the best way to restrict children’s screen time and access healthy and safe websites. They will not be exposed to content that is inappropriate for them. Contact us now and remove social media anxieties from your child’s life.